Sacramento Running Association and RESULTS Physical Therapy and Training Center have developed a comprehensive running program that combines the latest advances in sports medicine and running expertise.
Testing includes: Running Mechanics Analysis, Functional Movement Screen, and corrective exercise prescription/form running drills specific to YOUR needs.

Running Video Biomechanics Analysis: This is a slow motion treadmill analysis and evaluation that is instrumental in determining the type of runner you are, and what variables to modify to make you as efficient and injury free as possible. The expert analysis will examine 12 regions of the body and how each relates to each other: foot strike, ankle, knee, hip, pelvis, trunk, shoulders, head position stride length, cadence, abnormalities; Identify inefficient movement and possible injury risks; How you can correct and maximize your performance, improve your times, and decrease injury.

Cost: $80/30min

Functional Movement Screen: Includes individualized corrective exercise prescription; This is a proven tool that identifies your injury risk; 7 different movements are evaluated to assess mobility, stability and strength; There are 21 total possible points, if the score is 14 or less you are likely to incur an injury during your running program; It is possible to increase the point above with a little motivation and corrective exercises.

Cost: $65/30min

Fit You From Head to Toe! Package (1 hour): Package includes Running Mechanics Analysis, Functional Movement Screen, Shoe Wear Recommendations, Program Design.

Cost: $120 ($145 Value)

How to Prepare for your Assessment: Please be sure to wear tight fitting shorts/leggings/shirt and your normal training shoes. This will allow us to get the most accurate joint angles, stride length, form assessment, etc.

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